Health Products

Supported products

  • Short Term Disability

  • Long Term Disability

  • Dental Products

  • Long Term Care

  • Hospital Indemnity

  • Vision Products

  • Individual Accident

  • Dismemberment

  • Individual Medical Reimbursement


Flexible Reports

Flexible reports help you analyze loss ratios by state and by products, number and size of claims, and other data sorted by line of business, state, geographic area, producer, and other variables.  Additional reports are easily created or customized for regularly scheduled reporting or ad hoc inquiry. All report detail can be printed or reviewed online.


Disability Claims by Status

Users can select by status: pending, approved, payment in progress, suspended, or closed; and can sort by state, disability type, duration, benefit type, and group/individual.


Disability Claims by Approved-To Date

Users can select by specific approved-to date or by approved-to dates a specified number of weeks or days in the future. User can sort by state, disability type, or group/individual.


Disability Claim Payments

Users can select by total payments to date or by total payments for a specified time period (day, week, month, quarter, etc.). User can sort by insured, payee, state, disability type, and payment range.


Disability Claim Payee Detail

User can select a single payee or multiple payees.


Explanation of Benefits

User can select by payee and by individual payment.


1099 Detail

User can select a single payee or multiple payees.


Reinsured Disability Claim Payments

Users can select reinsured claims by status: approved, payment in progress, or suspended; and can sort by reinsurer, state, disability type, duration, payment amount, or group/individual.


Health Product Rating Flexibility

FIMMAS maintains a detailed history of premium rates charged. This allows users to make back charges and credits across rate change periods. It also allows you to pre-schedule future rate changes, and have the new rates automatically included in calculations after the effective date.

FIMMAS provides extensive flexibility in factors affecting rate calculation. Rate tables may vary by state, geographical area, risk class, benefit series, date band, age, duration, volume band, sex, or other variables that you define for a particular plan or benefit. 

Undo/redo capabilities are available across anniversary date or multiple years. This streamlines error correction, and lets you rate contracts retroactively. For example, it may be time to bill a group while you're still negotiating the group rate. FIMMAS lets you bill the group, then enter the new rate and rebill, without further manual intervention.


Claims Handling and Repetitive Payments Processing

Refer to Claims Handling and Repetitive Payments Processing for more information about support for Medical, Disability and Long Term Care products.


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