Reporting and Correspondence

Detail Data for Ad Hoc Reporting

Reports can be generated against any information in the FIMMAS database, and can be requested at any time by any authorized user. Transaction detail—not just summary information—is retained online for as long as you designate, so reports can include detail and summary data for historical and current time periods.


Pre-Defined Reports

FIMMAS contains over 1,000 pre-defined reports to provide information regarding the contracts under administration in addition to the values in the configuration support tables.  Each report can be executed as an on-demand report or as a scheduled job to generate on a pre-determined schedule.  All reports can generate their output in a variety of formats including PDF and CSV files.  Reports can also be integrated with charting software and can be automatically emailed to a distribution list of your choice.


Sort/Select Options

In FIMMAS, users running a report have multiple user-defined sort and select options, so that one report replaces several predefined reports in traditional systems.  This allows different formats based on the audience needing the report.  As an example, supervisors may need detail in the report, where manages need totals only.

For example, from a basic Submitted Application report, users select the fields (Agent ID, status code, benefit amount, etc.), specific data ranges (e.g., benefit greater than x dollars, applications entered before 06/06), and the sort sequence (e.g., by status code within Underwriter ID) to be used. With this flexibility, one FIMMAS report can create many different "views" to meet specific reporting requirements.


Full Function Word Processing & Document Creation

The FIMMAS Correspondence Link provides an interface to the full-function capabilities of standard word processing and document creation packages. Data from FIMMAS can be integrated with standard formats and user-created variables to create custom correspondence and documents. 

This supports both ad hoc and automatic correspondence.  FIMMAS can generate triggers at event points that allow you to link to templates in order to produce the automatic correspondence you want.  This correspondence can be generated for one or multiple recipients.  All correspondence generated in FIMMAS is retained in a correspondence history file and is available for viewing or re-print at any time.  We have also integrated with several imaging systems to pass the documents generated automatically to the image system.



Users create custom correspondence with familiar word processing tools. Administrative correspondence can be stored in the same logs as marketing materials and other corporate correspondence for better customer service.  There are no limitations on the format or content of the documents you want to generate.

Signatures, logos, graphics, standard text, special fonts, and seasonal messages are easily incorporated into letters, billing notices, reports, EOBs, requests for requirements, or any other correspondence for individuals, groups, agents, reinsurers, banks, or other organizations.

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