Group Administration

Case/Employee Maintenance

Authorized users can maintain data at the group (case) and employee (member) level. Changes are entered online and reflected immediately throughout the FIMMAS database. Online inquiries and reports at a detail and summary level are available for any information in the database.

Once group master and class/offering tables are built, FIMMAS provides the ability to add employees either manually or through a census upload; then provides an option to review the benefits for which each employee is eligible, select the amount of optional coverages, and indicate coverages that were declined. After a verification process, FIMMAS places certificates in force.

Benefits or persons can be added, deleted, or terminated online at a case and/or insured level. Updates are available immediately throughout the system for inquiries and reports.

Class Offerings

FIMMAS accommodates multiple classes within a group or location. Each employee is associated with a class within a group. The employee is a member of the same class for all benefits in the group. A Class Table defines classes, such as salaried, hourly, retired, etc. An offering table points to available plans and benefits. A Class-Offering Table defines the underwriting and benefit rules for each combination of Class and Offering.

Group Changes

Group Changes capabilities are used to make mass changes to multiple group records while maintaining data integrity across those records. Mass changes can be made at the group level or for all employees/certificates in the group. FIMMAS also provides options to change only selected employee or certificate records.

To effect a rate change, the new rates, with applicable date bands, are entered in the rate tables referenced by the group, and an authorized user initiates the rate recalculation process. FIMMAS automatically recalculates the premiums required as the result of rate changes, without further manual intervention.

Group/employee maintenance transactions automatically generate an audit trail that captures the date and user ID for each change. Prior values for changed data are retained online. An unlimited number of free-form notes and comments can be added, as well as reminders to flag future action.

FIMMAS supports undo/redo of accounting and coverage change transactions that affect policy values. Undo/redo can be done at any time, retroactive to any point in time, without manual recalculation needed. For example, you can add employees with an effective date earlier than the current date, and FIMMAS will automatically process billing retroactively to bring the new employee billing up to date.

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