Technical Environment

Configuration Options

FIMMAS  runs in a client/server environment, with a LINUX, UNIX, or Windows operating system, using industry-standard network protocols and PC workstations. Whether on virtual or physical machines, FIMMAS  supports Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, other ODBC-compliant RDBMS, and native UNIX databases. The same FIMMAS  application code can support a few users or hundreds of users.


FIMMAS  has extensive user exits to facilitate data exchange with external systems. FIMMAS  supports multiple file extract/transfer methods to exchange data in mutually-agreed-upon data exchange formats, such as ASCII, delimited files, or XML. FIMMAS  can also read directly from other files, or connect directly to other databases, if needed. External systems may access data from FIMMAS  via ODBC or via delimited files. If you are using Sybase, Oracle, or another RDBMS with FIMMAS, external systems have direct access to the data via the RDBMS. Any data in the appropriate format can be exchanged between FIMMAS  and an external system.

All MDI clients have integrated FIMMAS  with one or more of their corporate, departmental, or standalone systems, such as:

  • MSA, ISA, SOTAS, and other General Ledger packages

  • Mainframe administration systems, such as CFO, LifeComm, or Life/70

  • Specialized systems for proposals, valuation, reinsurance, or Alpha Index

  • External Premium Collection (lockbox or EFT)

  • Third-party policy accounting systems

  • PC-based applications, such as actuarial rate table spreadsheets

  • Document management, imaging, and workflow systems

  • Health claims adjudication systems

  • Specialty or internally-developed applications

  • Web-based data collection application accessed through an XML interface

Extensive user exits are available throughout FIMMAS  to call programs written in current industry-standard languages (C, C++, Rust), as well as legacy languages like COBOL, Fortran, and BASIC. This simplifies the exchange of information and integration of functions between FIMMAS and specialized, internally-developed applications.

Operating Environment

FIMMAS  is an online, database system, with real-time processing and updating of transactions. All jobs are accessible through menus and can be run on demand by any authorized user. All data—both detail and summary—is retained online as long as you need it for reporting and inquiry.

Design Languages

The primary tool used for FIMMAS  development is APPX, a platform-independent, comprehensive runtime, database, and high level programming environment. Source code is optionally available for in-house modification. 

Software Support

The MDI Client Services Team is available via telephone, fax, and email, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM CST. Customers may also contract for 24/7 support, or special support during system-critical times.

Help Desk

Online submission of issues and change requests—via our secure Client Center—allow authorized users to submit service requests and receive an acknowledgment when the issue has reached MDI.  Once an issue has been triaged and reviewed with the client's MDI Site Manager, a response is sent indicating the timeframe within which the issue will be resolved.

Online Help

Online help provides overviews of major functions, menu paths, and step-by-step procedures for key tasks, field definitions, and user tips.

User Group

The FIMMAS  User Group meets once a year to share ideas about enhancement priorities, joint development projects, and implementation planning.

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