Since 1982, Management Data, Inc. has specialized in insurance administration software solutions.  MDI recognizes that to stay competitive and prosperous in the volatile and ever changing world of information technology, a strong foundation of industry-specific expertise is required. This is accomplished by forging a skilled team of experts, capable of implementing the strategic goals necessary to stay competitive.

We at MDI value our people and are dedicated to creating a successful work environment that nurtures growth, rewards creativity, and promotes longevity. Many MDI employees have between 10 and 20 years of service with us, with 12 years of service being our average. Through longevity of personnel we can accomplish our strategic goals and continue to produce high quality solutions for our valued clients.

Current Opportunities

Job Opening:   Full Time/Part Time Entry Level Position for Night Shift Operator


  • Full Time Hours - 4 p.m. to 12 p.m. – Monday thru Friday
  • Part Time Hours - 4 p.m. to 12 p.m. – Two to Three Nights a Week

The Night Shift Operator performs all client nightly scheduled processing and release installations, conducting quality assurance checks to ensure there are no overlaps or technical issues related to a release or nightly processing.  

Duties include:

  1. Operations Support
    1. Performing client scheduled processing.
    2. Monitor client systems.
  2. Routine Maintenance
  3. Release Support
    1. Execute quality control procedures to ensure releases are intact.
    2. Install scheduled releases.
    3. Run maintenance on client servers.
    4. Run special utilities and processes in support of releases.


This job is a trainable position but the qualified individual must have basic computer skills, be able to multi-task, be a team player, possess organizational skills and be willing to learn. 

Interested applicants please submit a resume to and reference Night Shift Operator as the subject.

Employee Benefits

Management Data, Inc. values its employees and offers a very generous benefits package for employees and their families. The following benefits are provided:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Health & Dental Insurance
  • 401k with Matching
  • 125C Cafeteria Plan
  • Flexible Hours
  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Personal Days Off
  • Credit Union Membership
  • Warehouse Club Membership (Sam's/Costco)


If you are an Insurance professional and have experience with either Individual Life, Worksite products, or Group administration systems; and you would like to join our dynamic group of industry specialists, then send us your resume of qualifications. We are always looking for energetic, outgoing, creative, and motivated individuals capable of conquering the challenges of today's technology. Imagine the opportunities!


Accepted file types: .pdf, .docx, .doc

Since 1982, Management Data, Inc. has specialized in insurance administration software solutions.

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