System Solutions

FIMMAS is a complete, integrated system for the support of a wide range of group and individual insurance products. The same programs, screens, menus, and procedures support life, health, and annuity products.


Consulting Services

From designing a Web-based front end for remote agent entry of insurance applications, to helping design a commission plan, to installing a turnkey insurance administration system, MDI can help you plan and implement an effective, integrated insurance system strategy.


Hosting & SaaS

Insurance Administrators, Inc hosts, manages and maintains FIMMAS policy and client administration software. You can elect to run the software on IAI's server, the cloud, or your server, with the server located at your office, or connected remotely to your office from IAI's data center, or remotely from the cloud.

Helping You Find the Right Solutions

We help you explore new ways to approach business needs to find your most effective alternatives. Has your marketplace changed? Does technology change your relationship with your customer? Are certain procedures no longer appropriate for a different market or product? We use our experience to help you find your best total business solution. 

You decide the best blend of MDI resources to complement the skills and availability of your in-house staff.

Our Technical Environment

FIMMAS  runs in a client/server environment, with a LINUX, UNIX, or Windows operating system using industry-standard network protocols and PC workstations.

The primary tool used for FIMMAS development is APPX, a platform-independent, comprehensive runtime, database, and high-level programming environment. Source code is optionally available for in-house modification.

Extensive user exits are available throughout FIMMAS  to call programs written in current industry-standard languages (like C, C++, Rust), as well as legacy languages like COBOL, Fortran, and BASIC. This simplifies the exchange of information and integration of functions between FIMMAS and specialized, internally-developed applications.


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Since 1982, Management Data, Inc. has specialized in insurance administration software solutions.

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