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MDI Services 

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From designing a Web-based front end for remote agent entry of insurance applications, to helping design a commission plan, to installing a turnkey insurance administration system, MDI can help you plan and implement an effective, integrated insurance system strategy.

You decide the blend of MDI resources that best complements the skills and availability of your in-house staff.


System Configuration Design

There are many ways to configure your networks and administrative support systems to provide secure access for home or back office staff, agents, brokers, customers, carriers, and reinsurers.

Our services include capacity planning, evaluation of configuration alternatives, and system design.

Network Configuration


Implementation Planning

MDI's experience in system implementation can help you organize your resources to meet your implementation objectives, deadlines, and budget. Many variables affect the implementation approach that will be most effective for your organization:

  • The time constraints for project completion
  • The complexity of the product, systems, or functions to be implemented
  • The scope and complexity of needed modifications
  • The number and complexity of interfaces
  • The skills and availability of in-house resources

We can help you devise and manage the process that best keeps your project on time and within budget.


Project Management

Effective planning and project management are crucial elements in the success of any major business project. New software installation, system conversions, workflow redesign... even the most technologically advanced, functionally robust system will be ineffective if its implementation is poorly managed.

MDI project management services help you manage:
  • Definition of project scope, schedule, and responsibilities
  • Detailed requirements definition
  • Modification analysis and specifications
  • Interface specifications and design
  • Reports specifications and design
  • Technical, user, and management training
  • Installation and production procedure management


Conversion Assistance

MDI provides programs for converting policy data, premium transactions, and rate tables for inclusion in new administration systems. Additional custom conversion programs can be developed as needed to match the data formats or special handling requirements of existing data files. MDI services include initial data analysis, modification or development of conversion utilities, and review / testing of converted data.

MDI conversion utilities provide:
  • Integrity checks
  • Compare version edits
  • Cross reference checks
  • Data dictionary reports
  • Unreferenced objects reports
  • Custom conversion programs
  • Balancing reports


Workflow Analysis 

Workflow analysis and business process reengineering services from MDI help you streamline the assignment, handling, and completion of tasks, particularly in the areas of insurance application processing and insurance-related customer service.

Specific areas of study include:
  • Work assignment / priority setting / special handling
  • Work routing / work queue management / workflow distribution
  • Workload monitoring and reassignment
  • Exception handling procedures
  • Status tracking
  • Management reports


Insurance Portfolio Analysis

MDI can help financial institutions evaluate the kinds of insurance products that best suit their customers' needs and their company's business goals.

We can also help marketing, customer service, and policy administration staff better understand the unique features of various kinds of insurance products.

The insurance marketplace is increasingly becoming one of hybrid, blended, or specialty products. Insurance carriers can easily tailor support for life, health, and annuity products for a "private label." MDI can help you design product offerings, and analyze your product portfolio to ensure that you have in place the regulatory reporting, management analysis, customer information, and administrative support structures you need to support them.


Carrier Relationship Development

MDI has extensive experience in working with a wide range of insurance companies, agencies, and brokers. We can help you design and negotiate the product support, customer service, compensation, and reporting structures that facilitate the partnership between insurance carriers and financial services organizations. We can help you build a partnership that is profitable and flexible, and provides your customers with quality products and quality support.


Insurance Industry Training

Inforce policies... substandard rating... duration... face amounts... settlement options... TPAs... jet issue...

For financial services organizations beginning to offer insurance products to their customers, there is a whole new world of insurance terminology and procedures for your staff to learn. We can tailor insurance industry training to teach your platform staff, back office staff, service managers, and marketing staff the products, terminology, and procedures they need to know to be effective in this new environment.

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